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Get Right With The Game™

Coaching the Coaches Who Coach the Kids

Fit-to-Coach™ is a network of college athletic specialists, coaches, professors who have a passion for great coaching! The certification network began in NY and has expanded to include coaches at both private and public colleges and exceptional interscholastic specialists. The kind of coaches who permit player failure and use it to teach decision making and persistence!

College athletic departments, trainers and coaches see firsthand the emotional and physical results of our current youth sports environment. That’s why we favor the combined insight of coaches applying research and academic specialists who informed the Fit-to-Coach™ standards, curriculum and coaching tools. After completing your certification, Fit-to-Coach will share some of their best tools at no cost. These tools will strengthen your player’s emotional well-being, camaraderie, physical safety along with success and a lifetime of athletic enjoyment.

Once the Top Comprehensive Course for Non-school Coaches

The Fit-to-Coach certification network began as a coaching incubator at the State University of New York. Our comprehensive Level I Certification was written in module form by 11 PhD’s and college coaches. It is noteworthy that the first 5 Editions of their similar curriculum trained for certification 15,000 non-school youth coaches in 970 communities and 1,200 organizations!